On the following pages you will find detailed information about modern equine medicine and different methods of offered diagnostics and treatments. For appointments or further questions please contact me directly via the phone number mentioned above.


The focus of my practice is always your horse’s health and well-being. It is my responsibility as a veterinarian to maintain or restore the health, quality of life and performance of your horse. I treat horses of all disciplines: racing and sport horses, circus and recreation horses as well as older horses in their well-earned retirement.

Within the scope of my barn visits, I offer the complete spectrum of equine medical treatment and care, from orthopedics, sports medicine, chiropractics and dental treatment, to comprehensive general care and acute emergency treatment.

In addition to my experience and my established medical know-how, I have a very well-equipped practice vehicle and the most modern equipment (digital x-ray with immediately available images of high quality, high-resolution ultrasound, etc.) for highly qualified professional diagnostics and treatment of the patients.

I care for my patients in Luxembourg, the entire border region, but also in some cases across the border. I can only ensure emergency treatment within a smaller radius (+/- 80km).